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Sell, Sell, Sell

26 Dec

One way to really get yourself out there is to physically walk into the book stores and pitch your book to them.  ‘Divide and conquer.’ A really good friend and business woman said to me over some mulled wine.   Nadia Finer, founder of More to Life Than Shoes, is a someone who understands business.   (http://blog.moretolifethanshoes.com/)

There are so many different marketing techniques that people will try to pitch to you, but in the end you are your best marketing tool.  Especially, if you have a local, children’s book like Suzy & I have.  We support our local printers utilizing a London, local printers and appreciate the same support from our local retailers.

We spend all day Sunday walking in and out local shops and getting quite a few leads as well as sales.  So rock on!

After the New Year we are going to meet and come up with a London plan to really get our book out there.  And, because our first edition is subtitled, The Beach I think I am going to focus on selling it around the coast.

Try thinking out of the box.  Figure out ways how to sell your book that isn’t the norm.

Thanks, Nadia for all of your tips as well as the mulled wine!


Make sure you say your thank you’s

8 Dec

It is important to give gratitude where gratitude is needed.  Thank you Ian Biggar for all of your hard work with the font and techie side, Suzy Jones Biggar for all of her wonderful illustrations, enthusiasm and bravery to get our book into Raindrops On Roses on the high street in St. Albans.  And, thank you for the support & wisdom of Suzy’s family.  One last thank you to John Valentine (A.K.A. my husband) for letting me use his bank card to order our first 400 books of Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures, without financial support I wouldn’t be able to live my dreams and achieve the completion of my first children’s book.  Thank you for believing in me!

Thank you for Premier Print Group, London,  for taking our project on.  We are looking forward to receiving our online proof tonight!


Research print shops- get a quote

18 Nov

The next thing you should be doing if you are going to self publish is to call at least 4 print companies to see how much they charge to print out either hardcover or paperback books.  They will want to know information like how many pages which is very important.  It will always be in an even number; so they only print in 10, 12, 14, 16, etc.  They will want to know if the cover will be in gloss and how thick you want it.  My advice is go with the 300 for the cover and make it a gloss.  I think this will be best for a children’s book.  The key to self publishing is to make it look as professional as it can.  Another tip is to grab a few children’s books that are successful in sales, and that are often read in schools or in libraries.  Then, you can simulate the layout.

Don’t be afraid to go outside your county.  Often smaller counties are less expensive.  I am all about helping local businesses so try them first.  The one local to me couldn’t supply us what we were asking for, plus I found a cheaper company that prints great quality outside of London.

Make sure you ask your companies to send you an example of their work.  When you receive the sample in the post you will know if it’s what you are looking for.

Next, the more books you order the less it will cost per book.  Therefore, the more books I order the less the cost will be per book.  an instant profit!

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