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The Face: Naomi Campbell writes a how to model self-publishing eBook!

1 Nov

I think it might be a really cool idea to self-publish a ‘how to’ modeling book.  Have you ever watched Naomi Campbell on The Face?  The way she throws her head to the side like a silly school girl trying to be a positive role model, literally.  I find that her ‘coaching’ is not very helpful.  I don’t see how bullying a person into specific poses is considered ‘coaching.’  Her method of teaching would NOT be helpful for me.  If you want to raise your voice, that is fine, but at least use constructive criticism when showing me the poses.

1-the-face-feature-545I once was told that I could do some modeling.  I personally did not want the lifestyle that they had or the lifestyle I had gotten to know when I used to see them at the clubs in New York City.  I loved their clothes, I loved how they looked, but I would never sell my soul to anyone.  I want to be free.  Always free.  Free to make the decisions I want to make.  I don’t want anyone to tell me how to dress, how to behave, or how I ‘should’ be. I only want to be me.  (although admittingly, now adays sitting here with greasy hair, sick children and a husband with a chip on his shoulder I would give my right eye to be in their position any day!)

I look at these models and think to myself ‘how on Earth could anyone take modeling seriously?’  The model to the left looks as if she’s sitting on a broom or waiting for a rocket to fly up her backside and send her to the moon.  The model on the right is quite beautiful and hey- that’s great if you are abnormally tall for a woman- modeling is great for you especially if you have high cheek bones!  And, Miss Bossy Naomi thinking she’s the shizzle in the middle who always needs to be the center of attention and who must be a time traveller because she hasn’t aged a wink!  As a young girl in my teens I used to save every single Vogue cover, I adored The Face and how it made fashion iconic.  Although, remembering all too well that Miss Campbell fell flat on her arse as she was laughing her way down the runway.  She was the only one that has publicly every fallen on the runway.  So, who’s laughing now?


But, for me I always thought Brains won over Beauty every single time.  Could I be so wrong?  Is there someone out there who could actually put together pointers and poses in an eBook or book in print?  One thing that I would love to see more out there are ‘coffee table books.’  I love them.  I adore them.  I want to create one with all of my photographs, perhaps a family one with my children and loyal canine.

So, for all of you fashionistas out there- have you ever considered creating a ‘How to Model’ eBook or book in print?  I haven’t seen any out there at the moment and I think there would be a really good market for it.  You could get retails stores involved, use your friends as models and yes, not include people who are not ‘good’ enough to create an actual good pose.

Get to it!  Strike a pose!  There is nothing to it!  Vogue!

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