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Synopsis of Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures- The Beach

30 Nov

In the first edition of our children’s adventure series, Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures The Beach, Bud & Roo find a blue bucket.  But where did it come from they wonder?  They sniff their way to a gorgeous illustration of …(well, you just have to buy the book to find that one out).

The book targets little readers under 7’s.  What makes this book so special?  This book is different as it encourages independent reading.  There are so many books that my daughters bring home that are either un-interesting and don’t make sense or don’t really reach them on their level.

Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures-The Beach. was inspired by one of my favourite children’s books Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.  Once I saw Suzy’s art work I knew she was meant to be the illustrator of our children series.  When I saw her illustrations she gave me the same fuzzy feeling I had when I read Rosie’s Walk.  Plus, my three-year old is IN LOVE with Rosie’s Walk.  She can recite the whole book which is simply amazing.  Simple and amazing.  It was copy written 1979 or something like that.  It is the ultimate classic.

Having teaching as my background (I have been a teacher for over 15+ years and that of creative writing, reading and Language Arts – or as most know as an English Teacher) I wanted to create a book that also tickled the critical thing a bit.  I know that at around age 7 the brain develops and critical thinking skills are soon to develop (my many years of psychology studies).  However, I wanted to challenge the young person’s mind.  I wanted little readers to question where does the blue bucket come from.  Where could it come from?

Lastly, our very own children have read the book whilst in the process of creating the first series of our children’s adventure books.  They can read most of the words and can remember many of the sounds.  It is truly inspirational.

I’m finished faffing around trying to do it myself!

30 Nov

So, I’ve downloaded Calibre.  I’ve uploaded the files wrong because what no one tells you is that they need to be in .pdf format.  Not .jpg or any other file of the sort.  PDF works best.  And, because I have children something that would take a ‘normal’ person to work out takes me 3x longer due to lack of concentration and lack of time allowed on the computer.  (Thank goodness WordPress has the schedule post button because I could write a few posts and then they automatically go out on the date set- even though I love my computer being glued to it is not my idea of a Friday Funday).

At any rate, my next mission is to turn our book, Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures-The Beach, into an ePub file.  Watch this space! If you want to produce an ebook that most ereaders can ‘read’ then put the file in an ePub format.  Calibre can do it for you.  Then, make sure you check it ( will prompt you to check it).  In the mean time, I have registered with  They are going to do the rest of the stuff for me.  ( We are going to sell our book worldwide and keep 100% of the royalties. offers printing, design help, and more. boasts:

“BookBaby helps sell your eBooks worldwide.”

“BookBaby delivers your books to Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and many more. Plus we’re adding new eBook stores almost every month. Your eBook can be read on every reading device — Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and more.”

Why would you spend countless evenings trying to do this all of yourself when you can pay someone $99 to do it for you?  Trust me, it just makes sense.


Meet the characters- Bud & Roo

29 Nov


Meet the protagonists of the book, Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures.  Bud is a Beagle.  He is independent, great at digging and very handsome.  Rosie Roo is a Border Collie.  She is smart and sassy.  She is always up for an adventure.

Bud & Roo are friends (well, most of the time- Rosie Roo likes to protect her stick).  Bud digs for artifacts and Rosie Roo joins him on the path to discovery where the item came from.  They are happy doggies and are inspired by our own pets at home.

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