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Folk Music Review: ‘See you in the Morning’ by Noel Cowley

6 Sep

Folk Music Review:  ‘See you in the Morning’ by Noel Cowley

After listening to Noel Cowley’s débuted EP I instantly knew that he had what it took to go very far in the music industry.  Perhaps it is because of his Irish background where it is almost innate that one becomes a successful musician or just the simplicity of having a relatable story to tell his audience that compliments his voice in an easy listening style.  Even though, I enjoyed quite a few tracks of Noel’s débuted EP I was sent over ‘See you in the Morning’ to review.

‘See you in the Morning’ is something you’d hear in a movie soundtrack as the credits are rolling or during a life-changing climatic scene.  That is the feeling I got from it.  That, and the thought ‘I can’t believe I haven’t heard this on the radio yet.’  It is a beautifully written song and I like the sound of it very much.  Noel’s lyrics are inspired by Neil and Tim Finn, Fran Healy, and Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook, all whom themselves are heavily Beatles influenced.  You can hear a lot of Noel’s music influences when listening to other tracks on his débuted EP.  Initially, after listening to other song Noel has written I could see Take That covering his songs as well as other bands.

Just because Noel writes and sings folk music doesn’t mean he’s an old-fashioned man.  Take a look at his website he’s a very modern folk singer who if the songs weren’t labelled ‘folk’ you would hear on an easy listening station such as Magic or BBC Radio on a Sunday morning whilst you were flipping your eggs.

Noel also duo’s with his brother Ewan who plays the piano.  His brother is also labelled as an “in-demand” multi-instrumentalist (haven’t heard that word since Yanni was made famous in America sometime in the 90’s with his album In My Time, one of my favourites I must add) which adds an added dimension to the music.  He is able to call on his brother to arrange his songs if need be to make them sound even better!

Noel Cowley will be performing at the Folkstock Festival on September 21, 2013.  Please come out to support all of the amazing musicians that will be at the festival.  I am personally looking forward to it!

Listen here:

Get in touch with Noel:

Folkstock Festival: Minnie Birch is a true lyricist

20 Aug

I am looking forward to meeting many folk lyricist at Folkstock Festival this September 21st 2013 (  One lyricist that I came across when perusing through the line up is the brilliant Minnie Birch from Hemel Hempstead.  Not only is she a true lyricist, but also she has the most Heavenly female voice that I have ever heard.  When listening to her music it takes me back to when I was a bit younger and I used to listen to Ani DiFranco.  Ani was a liberal woman whose lyrics you actually heard.  And, what I mean when I say ‘heard’ is that you could hear her story and actually understand it.

I feel the same when I hear Minnie Birch’s songs.  I have listened to a few on SoundCloud.  When listening to her music I transform empathetically into a character that she is telling in her story.  In other words, I feel as if I am there.  I can visualise what she might be singing about or going through at the time she wrote her story or lyrics.  What a wonderful, true lyricist Minnie Birch is.  Check her out!

Holy Saviour – produced by George Shilling at Bank Cottage Studio

Minnie Birch

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