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The Social Web: Why social media is important for self-publishers

30 Sep

thesocialweb1What is social media and why is it so darn important?  I guess if you are reading this you probably already know about social media because WordPress plays a huge part of that outlet.  But, if you know someone who would benefit from this article please reblog it or pass it on.

Social Media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.  In other words social media is a place where you interact with people online.  You may know them or you may not know them, but it is a community that you create to communicate with others. 

Utilizing social media outlets is important because it will help you get your name out there.  It is imperative if you are self-publishing to create an online presence and this is the way to do it.

There are different types of social media outlets.  I think the most important right now that you the author should be using to market your eBooks or books in print are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  There are other types of social media outlets that you can use on your blog/website.
Other social media outlets include:

and, much, much more.

If you want to learn more about how social media can help you- or even if you need help setting it all up- please get in touch with me!

Thanks for reading!

Famous authors who have self-published

28 Sep

Self-publishing is often the best – and sometimes the only – way for writers to get their works into print.  Many famous self-published writers whose works have become ‘Best Sellers’ are Walt Whitman, Thomas Paine, Edgar Allan Poe, T.S. Elliot, Carl Sandberg, Gertrude Stein, Deepak Chopra, Upton Sinclair, D.H. Lawrence, George Bernard Shaw, e.e. cummings, Henry David Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, Tom Clancy, Stephen Crane and many, many more.  Their works have sold millions of copies because they refused to give up on rejection letters from major publishing houses.  After self-publishing their writings their works were subsequently picked up by major publishing houses.  Some of these authors kept on self-publishing after their books were famous, and they were able to maintain control of how their books were marketed while making more profits as well.  Read more:

Famous books that have been self-published:




What is self-publishing and why YOU should become a self-published author

25 Sep

we_want_youWhy should you become a self-published author?

Are you sick and tired of trying to make a career out of writing and getting rejected by large publishing houses? Are you a business owner who wants to make your business more dignified? What about a new mother who would like to share her baby experiences?  Are you a student who has just majored in English Literature and are having a difficult time landing a job?

Self-publishing is for everyone.  You don’t necessarily need to be a well-known author to become self-published.  Becoming a self-published author is actually quite easy if you follow the basic steps.

What is self-publishing?  Self-publishing is when an author (YOU) becomes in complete control of your works of art.  Not only do you have complete control of your writing, but you also get to keep more of your royalties.  You don’t need to pay an expensive agent who takes the majority of your earnings.  By becoming a self-published author you can make more of a profit when creating your eBook or book in print all by yourself.

How does it work?  Basically, after following a few simple steps and guidelines from Bugle Boy Publishing Co. (that’s us!) you can learn how to become a self-published author.  Let’s face it- Waterstones and Amazon already take a small % of earnings (as well as other book stores), but if you had already gotten your book published at a very expensive publishing house or print on demand service you would be left with pennies!  Self-publishing is for everyone!  Yes, sure…people might not like your book.  But, could you imagine if you spent loads of money on Createspace or other Print on Demand websites and the vast majority of the people STILL did not like your work?  You’d be out of a lot of money.

And, let’s face it…if you are not well established or well known, you are more than likely not going to bag an agent to help you get your foot in the door at these large publishing companies.

Why don’t you just take the time to figure out how to do it ALL on your own?  Follow this blog and/or my website and see how it all can be done in just a few short steps.  Of course, we can publish your eBook or book for you- but wouldn’t you like to learn how to do it on your own as well?  You should see how many FAMOUS authors have actually self-published their very own books.  You would be shocked!

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