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10 Jul

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Self publishing is addictive

28 Nov

After self publishing (well, waiting for our prototype) I feel inclined to finally finish my self-help ebook.  I think if you could get over the ‘finished my first book’ threshold you could continue to write many more books.

Take Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures.  It is a children’s adventure series.  We will write many, many more of these gorgeous books.  And, it feels good to have such an inspiration illustration on board.

However, many people say they are going to write a book, take loads of notes, pictures and/or do their research; however, they never get around to it.

I know some people think that self publishers don’t make much money, well I don’t think many people write books to be billionaires, do they?

What happened to writers being poets as well as being artists?  Since when has writing become so commercialized?

The point is- get that first book out there whether it be on print or digital.  Once you get your first one out there the second one will come a lot easier.

Don’t think, just write!

An illustrator who works 12 hour days

20 Nov

Our very own in-house illustrator, Suzy Jones Biggar has pulled an ‘all dayer’ to finish the majority of the pictures for the book.  She has stayed in her pajamas all day to focus on finalising the book cover.  Sure, there are few tweeks regarding the font.  However, all of that will be done together when we sit down to make our final comments before it goes into print.

‘How exciting’ she texted back.  She is going to finish it all today.  Nothing like a Sunday pajama day!

Don’t underestimate how difficult it is to be an illustrator or book writer.  It takes much time and thought to come up with a creative platform.  But, most importantly is doing something that you believe in.  And, also being inspired by our children and our very own pups.

Thank you, Suzy for doing a wonderful job on the book cover.  I am looking forward to seeing the first edition of our children’s book put together! Wooohooo!

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