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The inspiration behind Millie’s Doggy Delights Organic Treats!

10 May

AstridThis is a thumb print of Astrid and her rescue dog, Millie.  Astrid is a professional dog walker and currently studying a course on dog massage.  She has created a really cool brand called Millie’s Doggy Delights Organic Treats.  Her brand is very cool.  Her doggie treats are made to order and can be any shape you like.  They come in very cute individual recyclable packets that would look fantastic in any posh shop (as well as the not so posh).

Millie This is Millie.  Astrid sent me these pictures over via gmail.  I haven’t had the chance to meet her yet, but Budd and I are looking forward to it.   Millie actually is the spitting image of my sister’s dog.  I think Millie might have more white on her face.

It looks as if Millie is fantastic at going through the tunnel.  Many dogs like to be constantly working or playing.  Millie looks like she is ready for the next trick!


As she comes out of the tunnel she is looking what she should do next at the agility course.  And, I think she’s found it!  It looks like she found a ring to jump through! I wonder if she can do it?

Well, here she goes! She is down, getting ready! One…Two..Three…

Go for it, Millie!!


New Adventures: Bud escapes.

22 Apr

New Adventures: Bud escapes..

Our first night with Buddy the Beagle

14 Apr

It was March 2012.  It was a sunny March.  Probably one of the last in England.  My middle child and I got into the car and set out to Essex.  Since we’ve decided not to take Yorkie and to look into Beagles we found a breeder that was close to Hertfordshire.  It seemed as though most breeders were Kennel Club certified and the prices for Beagles were outrageous.  But, this advert seemed pretty reasonable.  It took us a while to find the place, but we finally did.  We pulled into a very scary trailer park.  And, then I heard the sweetest little sound.  It was our future family pet barking!

The first night with Buddy the Beagle.


Our first night with Buddy was a very interesting one.  We tried to kennel train him.  But, he did not like it.  He barked and barked and barked.  And, barked and barked and barked.  We didn’t mind as a family.  But, my opinionated neighbor sure did.  She is no animal lover.  She is an animal hoarder.  She said we needed to be strict and firm.  She basically went on and on about how we should put Buddy ‘in his place’.  My husband and I agreed that Buddy should sleep in the hallway as it was already rotting from dampness underneath and he needed to learn how to be potty trained.  So, we lined newspaper by the door, set his cage there opened with all of this toys and blanket and voila.  No barking.  We knew we had a special puppy.  A puppy who we would need to get to know just as you would do in a dating relationship.  He was my little boy.



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