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Why I didn’t say yes – An agent’s perspective

30 Aug

an interesting perspective- thank you for sharing. It is always good to hear from a literary agent’s perspective.


NoOn her excellent blog, literary agent Rachelle Gardner authored a useful post ‘Why I didn’t say yes to your submission.’

As Ms Gardner points out, most agents try to provide an explanation when they pass on a full manuscript. It’s interesting to read the reasoning from an agent’s perspective.

She likens it to when you are reading a book and you’re unable to put it down, whereas sometimes books are extremely easy to put down, and you even welcome the distraction. Housework, anyone?

We all know this has happened to us – even with books that ‘everybody’  is reading that simply don’t manage to grab us. So why shouldn’t it be the same with literary agents? After all, if they’re not in love with your book, chances are that selling it will be that much harder.

So thanks to agent Rachelle Gardner for letting us know why she…

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The Magic of a Good Book

30 Aug

the importance of buying a paper back book will never go away…the smell, the sound of the actual page turning and the little folds where you have left off.

100 Classics Challenge


Here are the 10 reasons why I don’t own a kindle:

  1. I never have to plug a book in to charge.
  2. A Kindle looks stupid sitting on my bookshelf.
  3. I adore cute bookmarks which just look ridiculous sitting on the top of a Kindle.
  4. Kindles don’t smell like books.
  5. Kindles don’t feel like books.
  6. Children will never know the feeling of “wearing a book out” by reading it too much.
  7. It’s hard to see the words through children’s smudgy finger prints.
  8. What’s the point in owning 200 ebooks if you can’t display them?  I love when people come over and see how many books I have actually read and the quality of them.
  9. I want to flip through a book and find that one special quote.
  10. My books are like extensions of my soul, I am not a machine!

Okay, I know I said 10…but here’s a big one.  When…

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Purchase a signed copy of Archie Comes Home by Ishbel Macmillan

28 Aug

Please support local author Ishbel Macmillan who is newly published! Her book launch will be coming up- so keep an eye out! Thanks, Ishbel for letting Bugle Boy Publishing Co. help you become the author that you have always wanted to be!


Would you like to purchase a signed copy of Archie Comes Home by Ishbel Macmillan?  Well, the book is out now!  The book is a comical series about Archie a little Terrier.  This book is for kids 7 and under.  Please contact the author if you would like a signed copy now!
archie comes home


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