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Have you ever wanted to self-publish your own comic book?

9 Oct

I came across this when I was researching what I should write my next post on:
21cvripl copyI thought the cover was incredible looking- meaning awesome! And, it was self-published.

Have you ever thought of self-publishing a comic book?  I think about it all of the time!  WOW! WOOSH! BANG!

Some of the detail you would find in a Superman comic book.  This may be just the ticket- it is definitely on my list of things to do!  But, what would my characters be?

At the moment it’s supermom!  I could hold two babies and mop the floor at the same time whilst cooking a Sunday lunch- oh, yea!

I don’t know, will have to think about this one.  But, I just thought it was a brilliant idea to self-publish a comic book.

Why should you let anything get in your way of your dreams coming true?

The Writer is free

8 Oct

Fantastic if you’re a reader from America.

Songwriting & Lyrics: Only Waiting

1 Oct

© 2013 by Jessica Valentine

Are you my cowboy, I think you are

The way you lift your chin up and play your guitar

The way you sing your lyrics

From dreams afar

I’ve got a secret bigger than my brain

It’s that I remember that feeling

Things could have stayed the same

That hasn’t changed

I wonder how my life would have turned out

If I was brave enough to stay

If I hadn’t ran out on you

If I would have heard you play

That song that I said I didn’t like

When that comment lifted your brow

I knew nothing about you

Or how you’d turn me down

I knew I’d never see you again

And I don’t mind

Because I know how a cowboy’s life could end

And that is fine

But I am strong

And I know my way

I know in the end we will meet

Not now, but one day

And time will stand still

Time will stand still

So as for you my cowboy

I will not stand defeat

I will hold back

In my retreat

Only waiting

Only waiting

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