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Don’t get stuck in the mud: The importance of out sourcing an illustrator

13 Sep

“Going into business with a friend is a very tricky thing.”  states entrepreneur and author of ‘More to Life Than Shoes’, Nadia Finer.  And, I agree.  Going into business with a friend is not something that I suggest doing.  Going into business with a friend could get stickier than a sticky bun!  Even if the rules are clearly written out!

And, from what I am learning on this long journey of self-publishing is that even if a contract is put in place whether it be written or verbal when things get too personal the contract seems to be forgotten.  When did business relationships get so personal?

So, my advice to you as a self-publishing consultant is this:  if you are an author or a writer who wants to write a book or even someone with a blog who wants illustrations done it may be of your interest to outsource your illustrations.  If you outsource your illustrations it is clear on who owns the copyright.   In other words, pay someone to do the illustrations.  You can use university students, colleagues, professional illustrators, animators and if you’re desperate … a friend.  As long as you pay them for their services and keep it at that.  Illustrators charge different amounts depending on experience.  So, depending on your budget you may want to spend £50 or you may want to spend more.

One thing that I have learned along the way is that nothing surprises me.  I have learned that if there is a whiff of potential success or when money is involved even the sweetest of the sweetest persons could turn into a sassy, sour puss.

Take my advice.  If you want to write a book, pay someone to complete the cover (like I did in my ebook Get a Grip- How to change your life and take back control in 30 days or less) as well as if you are making a picture book.  If you want to complete the book cover on your own and utilise pictures from websites like Shutterstock ensure that they are royalty free.

If you need business advice or want to set up a meeting with a business consultant I would suggest doing that before jumping in a muddy puddle.

Need Business Advice?  Contact Nadia Finer, Business Development
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Giveaway: signed copy of the children’s book Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures- The Beach

12 Aug

001a Front Cover CMYKWould you like to win a free signed copy of Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures- The Beach?  Click on the link below to sign up!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The author, Jessica Valentine and illustrator, Suzy Jones Biggar team up to create an adventure book for ages 0-5.  It is the first edition to many more of spectacular adventures.  This giveway of Bud and Roo’s Spectacular Adventures- The Beach starts now!

And, check the competition out here: Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com We love spreading the word!

An illustrator who works 12 hour days

20 Nov

Our very own in-house illustrator, Suzy Jones Biggar has pulled an ‘all dayer’ to finish the majority of the pictures for the book.  She has stayed in her pajamas all day to focus on finalising the book cover.  Sure, there are few tweeks regarding the font.  However, all of that will be done together when we sit down to make our final comments before it goes into print.

‘How exciting’ she texted back.  She is going to finish it all today.  Nothing like a Sunday pajama day!

Don’t underestimate how difficult it is to be an illustrator or book writer.  It takes much time and thought to come up with a creative platform.  But, most importantly is doing something that you believe in.  And, also being inspired by our children and our very own pups.

Thank you, Suzy for doing a wonderful job on the book cover.  I am looking forward to seeing the first edition of our children’s book put together! Wooohooo!

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