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The do’s and don’ts: 3 rules on the importance of online politics

14 Sep

Well, I was skimming through Facebook as I do from time and time again.  I do enjoy the funny pictures that people post.  I am more of a visual person.  I like a bit of humour as well.

But, one day…low and behold… I saw one of my friends/colleagues make a comment about a recent post.  She mentioned in her updated Facebook status that she was sick and tired of people using her information and posting it as their own.  She thought she should at least get a bit of recognition.

I do agree with her 100%.  A few minutes later I thought to myself… wait a minute.  She has GOT to be talking about me.  I quickly scrolled back up to read the rest of the comments.  Well, of course she wasn’t going to blow the horn and rat me or anyone else out!  That would be rule #1 on the do’s and don’ts of online politics:  Don’t rat anyone out!

Now, I know I like to post things that I have learned down the road whether it be online tools or self-publishing skills; therefore, I thought well it surely must be me she’s having a go at!  But, still I couldn’t get anything out of her.  She did mention that it wasn’t an original idea, but it was something that she shared and it was passed on without acknowledging her or given credit.  Fair enough I think.

Therefore, I just learned rule #2 on the do’s and don’ts of online politics:  always link back to someone’s website (especially if you know them) if you’ve used some of their information.  So, just incase it slipped just this once and in the future if I slip again!  My fellow South East Blogger mate, Chrissie Saunders (don’t worry I won’t give anyone your address or phone number 🙂 I wouldn’t want anyone to send you perverted texts)  www.mediocremum.com is my guru SEO, my go to gal for google+ and giveaways (even though I am not self-hosted), a superfied slow cooker queen, an older mum although she looks young and is believe it or not, Canadian.  You can also find her at:  @mediocremum.  She’s no mediocremum, but she’s a networking queen.

So, this whole Anna Polava got me thinking, in the literary world ideas can be copywritten.  So, why can’t ideas on the internet or social media venues such as Facebook be copywritten?  Ah, that’s right… there is a law about that.  Rule #3 on the importance of online politics:  Know your politics!  Make sure you know all of the rules that pertain to Facebook, social media as well as blogging.  Learn about the difference between expression and original ideas.

By keeping up to date with the do’s and don’ts of the importance of online politics could save you from a few twisted knickers.  It could also help you learn how to make the most out of your blog or website.  So, just like the rules of blogging make sure you know what you’re doing at all times and don’t rush posts.  If you do, you could get your pants pulled down with the lights on!



Google+ authorship: Why you need it to help your rankings

6 Aug


Have you ever noticed that when you google some websites picture of the owners pop up?  How on Earth did they do that?  That is something called google+ authorship.  It is a way of linking your content to google+.  It’s a really cool thing because readers are able to read other content that you have created on the web.  Google+ authorship is something that you can do on your own.  If you get stuck- then ask our SEO experts!  Mediocre Mum ironed mine.  Thank you! Chrissie! mediocremum.com

Why do you need google+authorship and how it can help your rankings? Click here:
+authorship article

Thank you, Chrissie from Mediocre Mum for our book review!

13 Feb


Thank you so much for reviewing our children’s book! I must say, yes! I am up for that challenge! I would love to create a more fun way that kids learn how to read at school.  Have you ever read the Biff books? Or Mum has a headache?  Biff has long hair.  Is that normal? Does anyone else see those little typos that I do?  Is Beiff a cross dresser????

I love Mediocre Mum’s style- she says it like it is! Her blog is the best in St. Albans so make sure you check it out! She rocks!

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