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Have you ever wanted to self-publish a book? Here are 5 easy steps to create a book in print.

1 May

1.  Purchase ISBN number

  • Canada & India no cost for ISBN
  • America you can purchase one at a time for under $30
  • UK you must purchase 10 which is quite expensive but will motivate you to write 10 books (check out Nielsen’s Guidelines on-line to apply for ISBN).

2.  Create barcode for the back of the book ( you can download a barcode generator for free and do it yourself or you can pay £3.99 to get one done like I did- want to know where I did it?  Email me for more details!) You will need this so that when your book is at the shop they can scan it and keep track of it.  This also helps when bookstores need to re-order.  You will need to register with Gardner’s or a distributor of your choice!  Want to know why?  Follow my blog to find out!

3.  Create Title Verso Page (make sure you know how to copyright all of your work- this is where you do it- usually it is the first page of your book before all of the juicy details).

4.  Decide the size of your book (you will need to know what size you are wanting your book to be- this will help you for your next step).

5.  Call or email at least 4 local printing companies.  Yes, you can print over-seas and it will probably be more profitable;  however, if you are going to trade on the fact that you keep everything local like we do- then go for it!  Choose the best price and of course the best quality of each printers.  Ask them to send you some samples of their work before you go ahead with them.  You don’t need to sign up to all of these expensive publishing wanna be companies who take your money and DON’T promote you!  You can hire a PR agency to do that!

ePub file- watch this space

9 Dec

I think the most challenging thing thus far is figuring out how to change the files into an ePub file so that we can go digital.  There are websites that can do it for free, yet there are people who will charge money to complete it.

I feel we have already spent a great deal so far with printing, ISBN and Barcode (not including setting up the business and website fees) so I think I am going to try to do this one on my own.

Watch this space!

Purchase an ISBN number

19 Nov

The next thing you will need to do if you are self publishing in the UK is to contact Nielsen. (http://www.isbn.nielsenbook.co.uk/controller.php?page=123).  You will need to fill out an application.  The minimum purchase of ISBN numbers is 10.  They come in lots of 10.  So, if you are self publishing one book you still have to purchase 10.  The cost is £121 and change.  It takes 10 days to receive the ISBN number once the application is processed.  Why do you need an ISBN?

You need an ISBN number so that people can locate the book and locate the author, which is you.  This will help people buy your book which is important.  Plus, your book could be stocked in libraries as well as online.  You will need to use the second ISBN number if you are going to put your book online.  The ISBN number distinguishes whether it is a hardcopy or paperback.  Nielsen will give you all that information once they send you your ISBN number either by post or email.  And, the ISBN number is filled out by the author.  If I wanted to locate a book I could just type in the name of the author and the book would come up.  It’s basically a number to help find you and your book.

If you need any help applying for an ISBN number within the UK just email Nielsen.  They are very happy to help you.

If you are outside of the UK it is much, much easier to get an ISBN number.  There are many websites where you can buy 1 ISBN number for £20.  They are legitimate websites.  However, if you feel uncomfortable with their offer just call them or email them to find out the details.  CANADA & INDIA do not charge for their ISBN numbers.  It is free there.  Yes, you could print & self-publish your book in one of those countries; however, you will need an address there.

Have you written an ebook?  Then, you really don’t officially need one; however, I would recommend it because it will help you when you are ready to market your book.  There are many short cuts when self-publishing and this would be an area where you could make a short cut, but why would you?  I say do everything as professional as you can and it will be worth it in the end.

In the end, you need to get an ISBN number before you print.  NOTE:  make sure the printing company offers a barcode.   The number and barcode are two separate things.  I would be greatly surprised if the print company does not have this program.  If they don’t, you can download it for FREE and do it yourself.

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