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Are you looking for a dog house for your family pet?

9 Jun

Dog Houses

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Is your Beagle gentle?

20 May

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MMR immunisation catch up campaign- can dogs get autism?

25 Apr

Have you ever noticed that certain dogs have more amazing talents than others?  Could that be a significant characteristic of autism?

K9 Magazine ‘Dogosaurus’ may well be benefiting from being able to label the interesting behaviours that our dogs exhibit. However, labelling something is one thing and understanding the reason is another. Many dogs have magnificent talents that can aide humans such as seeing -eye dogs and/or dogs that can sense when someone is going to have a seizure.  K9 Magazine believes that many dogs may be operating on a completely different mental spectrum to that which is ‘neurotypical’.

But is this ‘sixth’ sense dogs have for humans something that they are born with or is it the production of too many vaccinations and/or non-eco friendly cleaning products?

One controversial topic on this morning’s BBC Breakfast news was the fact that many people have not vaccinated their children in the South Wales for measles.  What are they so worried about?  Is it the fact that some studies show that MMR immunisations could be one of the causes of autism?  The news went on and on how fatal it could be if your child was not vaccinated.  They also noted that 1 out of 5 kids have been hospitalised for not having the vaccination suffering from compilations of measles.  Apparently, kids that were born from 1996-2003 will be the most at risk says this scientific debate.

Health Officials have organised a million dollar national program for 10-16 year- olds by the end of the summer.  Is this something that we need to be spending a million dollars on?  Don’t think that it’s everyone’s right to choose whether or not they want their child or dog vaccinated?

I suppose the reason why we vaccinated our pets is because if they were to bite another animal they could make that animal very sick.  And, the reason why we are supposed to vaccinate our children is so that they don’t get ill from these childhood diseases.  But, with like with many things in life there are risks.

I know of a family in St. Albans who have NEVER vaccinated their children.  They are strict homeopaths.  If their child had a dangerous high fever they would just pack them with wet cloths until the temperature came down.  No medicine needed.  Being homeopaths and having the philosophy of not vaccinating their children who fall within what the BBC morning news described as the ages at risk for complications of measles is from my point of view taking a huge risk.

Why do parents not believe in immunising their children?  Is there any scientific research that proves the effects of such vaccinations?  Do they affect children’s learning and development?

Andrew Wakefield’s ‘dishonest and irresponsible’ research into the causes of autism led to his being struck off by the General Medical Council.  But, just because one person could not prove that the MMR causes autism doesn’t mean that it was not a good theory.

At the end of the day, there are so many things that go unexplained in life.  Does vaccinating our pets cause them to behave in an autistic manner?  Only more studies will prove this theory.

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