Performance by Kings of Leon proves that they’re focusing all on the music

18 Sep

kolLive performance from Kings of Leon on ‘Later… Live with Jools Holland’ proves that they are making a huge come back and focusing on the most important thing in the music industry…the music.  Family members Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill and Matthew Followill were ‘getting into’ their music and really focusing on the guitar riffs as they played.  They looked as serious as they did when they first started playing.  Finally, some facial expression!  They opened with their single hit song from ‘Mechanical Bull’, Supersoaker and ended with a true rock n’ roll melody, Don’t Mind.

Even though the closing song lyrically didn’t do anything for me I think the music is where it’s at.  It is nice to hear the KoL move away from the same old festival beats only to bring it back to basics.  Caleb Followill, the lead singer, looked trendy with his trimmed moustache and short beard as well as sporting a handsome new haircut.  The whole band looks the part and they also sounded the part of a band who will make a huge come back this year.  It is also about time they brought some energy between the band.  I have seen them live several times and have walked away feeling as if they weren’t playing with their heart.  But, that heart is back and even though they have taken a short sabbatical true Kings of Leon fans will give them the time they need to return to the top of the charts.
Fans want to see their favourite bands get up on that stage and rock it!  They are out to listen to the band, but they also want to have a good time.  Some people want to have the time of their life!  After all it’s so much sexier when the lead singer of the band actually looks like he’s having a good time playing.  Look at Mick Jagger- how old is he and he can STILL strut his stuff!  Musicians are supposed to perform- it’s not like the Kings of Leon are singing any messages we don’t already know about.  I don’t know too many bands that are singling about war or politics as Bob Dylan once has.  Now a days, bands only sing about their sexual conquests or addictions.  To be honest, lyrically I think KoL needs to step up a bit.  I would like to hear an album about the new loves of their life i.e. kids and partners.  It was good enough for Madonna when she created the album, ‘Ray of Light’.  I want to be taken on a journey.

kings_of_leon_supersoaker_tI agree with many music reviewers that KoL is yet to put out their best album.  It is difficult to maintain such superiority when they have so many great albums, but if they keep writing what’s true in their heart, they won’t do any wrong.

I look forward to the release of the album, ‘Mechanical Bull’, that is out in a few days.  I am sure there will be loads of press on the album, so I am looking forward to reading that as well as listen to the band’s new lyrics.

Keep rocking KoL and don’t read any negative press.  Stay positive and continue to smile although I do feel like you are making fun of someone in the Supersoaker video.  Don’t make fun of your fans- you’re words are often inspirational.  Take pride in your lyrics!  And, stay sober- you don’t always have to be lubricated to write good lyrics.  You just need the sound of silence and a little emotion.  Be tough.

“Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.” – Greta Garbo


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