Springer Spaniel drinks Tequilla while on the job; owners are quite dismayed.

5 May


This Ruben.

He and Buddy are best friend.  They like to take long walks together, play at the park and run around after each other in circles.

Beagles and Springer Spaniels work together as a breed.  Beagles usually do not like to go into water.  Springer Spaniels do.

Buddy and Ruben both like to dig holes in the garden.  I think it’s because they are both boys.  They are both happy, friendly and love all furry friends as well as people.  Nothing is stopping these guys!

Bud and RubenAfter a long day of chasing each other they thought they would like to go out and let their fur down.  After all, it’s not easy being active little chaps.  Bud is always interested in what Rue is up to.  Buddy likes to follow him wherever he goes.  It is a very charming quality that Bud has and it is something that he has learned along the way.  ‘He is a laid back dog, with a laid back attitude’ his furry friends agree.

“Come on, Bud.”  Rue teased.  “Follow me!”  Bud and Ruben ran around the Bamboo wall, ran all the way up the cobble stone stairs to find a little bottle.  This little decrepid old-looking bottle was wrapped in a yellow, metallic wrapper.  On the yellow, metallic wrapper there was a handwritten note tied with a shoe string.  The little bottle was corked.


The note read:  Open me and beware.  Of course Bud and Rue are very sensible.  They did not want to open the bottle, but they were very tempted.

“Why don’t we open it up half-way?”  Bud said curiously.  “Ok.” Ruben agreed.

Bud and Rue opened up the little decrepid bottle and as the cork fell to the ground a swirl of vapor filled the air.

“Oh, no!” said Bud.  “We need to get out of here!”  said Ruben.

Bud and Ruben ran back to safety.  They didn’t want to get into trouble after disobeying the little decrepid bottle.

Suddenly, Ruben didn’t feel so well.

Ruben chiling

“Sorry, Bud.  But I think I need to run this one off!”

“No problemo,” said Bud.  He is of course 1/4 Spanish.

Let’s see what the humans are up to this evening.  After all, it is Cinco de Mayo and we are celebrating tonight!

“That sounds like a great plan.”  Rue grumbled.

So, Bud and Ruben continued on their journey.  Off they went to meet their friends.  Soon, Ruben felt much better knowing where the humans were.  And, they enjoyed the rest of the evening being pampered by the humans.  It didn’t matter that they got themselves into mischief.

Bud and his friendsBud and his friends.

Bud and Ruben

Bud and RubenThe end.


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