Sniffer dog uses his memory to out-smart his owners

4 May

One characteristic that makes Beagles so unique is their sense of ownership when it comes to material items.  They are possessive when it comes to their toys, their bones, their tennis balls as well as other dogs’ toys, bones and tennis balls.  The Beagle likes to chase and to be chased.  So, if Buddy ever snatches your dog’s ball- it’s not that he has bad manners- he just wants your pup or you to chase him.  It is what he was bred for;  to run around in circles (as the hare does).   Beagles were originally bred to hunt on foot for hare.  The Romans used ‘hound like’ dogs to capture hare.  As you know, hare are quick- so is the Beagle.  The Beagle would never bite or tear the flesh of a hare.  The Beagle would prance down on it and then gently pick it up by the neck and bring it back to their master.  Beagles are more vegetarian then they are carnivores.  Buddy and his Buddy

We have had to teach Buddy that he is not to growl or show aggression when he has one of his possessions or he gets it taken away.  He has been really good learning how to deal with what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable behavior.  After all- us humans are supposed to be the alpha.  Beagles are quick to learn, although constantly press the boundaries.  Buddy and his Organic Minty Bone

Buddy’s favourite possessions are my children’s winter gloves, socks and their Barbie dolls.  For some reason he loves to snatch and hide the Barbie dolls as well as their gloves.  He absolutely loves gloves!  He doesn’t chew or ruin the gloves.  I think he likes to inspect all of the different scents scattered throughout the gloves as the children like to touch everything.  I think it’s actually quite genius.  Buddy and his toys

It’s not so much genius when it’s bitter cold outside, you’re late for school and you can’t seem to find the girls’ gloves.  Then, good old Buddy takes the glove and runs outside under the shrubs.  This happened to us on one of the last chilly days here in England.

I went chasing after him outside (as Alpha you’re not supposed to chase him, you are to entice him with a greater prize- however, little patience do I have early in the morning when I am getting the girls ready for school and we are already late) and peered under the shrubs.  Buddy tried to intimidate me by showing me his teeth.  “Don’t you growl at me Mister.  You are going to be on the naughty step when I get a hold of you.”  I yelled at him.  I was trying to keep my cool in front of the kids and make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal- I already had the little one crying because Buddy ‘stole’ her blue glove.

“Now, give me that glove!”  I said.  Buddy was not budging.  I just let it go and got the kids into the car.  We mustered up a mis-matched glove and left it as ‘the kids are so creative when they dress themselves moment’.

THE NEXT DAY, we got some new rawhide bones mailed to us.  Buddy gets to chew a bone everyday.  It is not only good for his teeth, but also good for us as it reduces the chances of someone’s shoes getting chewed (which I might add he’s never done).

After making Buddy earn his bone (asking him to sit and lay down) I gave Buddy the rawhide bone as his treat.  I opened the front door thinking he wanted to chew his bone outside.  However, he went under the shrub, brought me the blue glove that he snatched and dropped it at my feet.  I was astonished.  It was the first time Buddy actually did something so clever and yet so manipulative.  The girls and I laughed.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  Because we gave him one of his favourite rawhide bones he surrendered the blue glove that he snatched the day before.  As it seems, Buddy the Beagle has not only got a fantastic ‘nose’ on him, but also one astonishing memory.


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    […] Sniffer dog uses his memory to out-smart his owners. […]

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