This Charming Man- Buddy and Oscar the Grouch

20 Apr

There is something about a dog and how they like to sleep off of the ground.  Is it about empowerment?

This charming manHere is a picture of our little Buddy.  He is sleeping in our old house in a chair.  Funnily enough, he doesn’t sleep in the same chair as he’s not allowed.  He sleeps on the matching ottoman.

From the first time I layed my eyes on Buddy napping I thought to myself ‘he even sleeps beautifully’.  He is a gentle creature.  The only thing that goes through his brain are:  food, play, love, and running.  He loves to smell things.  He is drawn by his scent.  I know people are probably saying ‘all Beagles are that way’.  But, I am that way.  I have a very sensitive nose.  If something is smelly my face screws up and if something smells nice I am definitely interested.

Some smells I like are BBQ ribs, my mother’s sauce cooking on the stove, nice smelling perfume or cologne (especially on a good-looking man) and the saltiness in the air at the beach.  Some new smells that I like are my children’s hair, Buddy’s fur and Nan bread baking in the oven.

Some smells I do not like are cigarette smoke (I am a reformed smoker) and stale beer.  A smell that I really can’t stand is the trace of a dirty mop on the floor.  Stale.  Stale.  Stale.

Buddy enjoys smells of similar distinction.  He enjoys ALL food smells both great and small, all feces such as sheep and horse as well as chickens (gross!). He has gotten better with chickens as he’s gotten older.  But, never forgiven by my nosey neighbor as Buddy once killed one of her baby chicks in her house (which I still don’t believe because I never saw the evidence till this day).

Smells that Buddy doesn’t like.  None.

He only sniffs on the ground when he is outside.  It not only acts as his fingers, but as a memory.  Think about it.  Have you ever smelled something and then it took you back to that time?  That is how Buddy works.

Did you know that dogs can smell smells that were left 20 years ago?  Crazy.

So, here is the beginning to a beautiful and interesting relationship with Buddy the Beagle.  My only little boy that I will ever have.



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