Why did we choose to adopt a Beagle?

12 Apr

These three beauties are the reason Bud walked into our lives.


We were living in a grade II listed building.  It was damp and dark and downright depressing.  There was very little light that peered through the windows.  We did not have direct access to a garden and we were basically locked in this large chilly house.

Winters are long and grey in England.  And, it is unhealthy for the children as well as myself to stay indoors all of the time.  Yes, I do realise that the sun barely shines in the UK.  However, because of Buddy we are outside every single day.  I originally wanted a dog for our family because of my middle daughter.  She is a gentle, sensitive soul similar to myself.  All three girls are sensitive, but the middle one picks up worms gently, is not afraid of strange bugs, and needs that extra little love that she may not get all of the time.  In addition, I was very lonely.  My family all lives in the states and I literally have no one here other than my husband and my kids.  Yes, I have made loads of friends.  But, nothing says love like your family.  Plus, they are always there for you unlike friends that I have made here.  There are a few special friends that I hold very dear, however, the others have been quite odd and disappointing.  I think ‘moody’ might fall into that category as well.  Nonetheless, it was my middle child’s birthday coming up and I thought a puppy would be just the ticket.  And, so we were in search of a puppy.

We researched all of the compatible puppies that would work with a young family, not shed a lot and medium in size.  I originally wanted a pug, but my other half put his foot down.  “A pug is NOT a dog I could take to the pub!”  Fair enough.  Plus, I wanted a dog that I could go running with.  Therefore, we looked into chocolate labs.  We found a really cute one called Yorkie.  We visited him twice.  But, for some reason I just didn’t feel it.  Nor did the girls.  So, I kept researching breeds.  Then, I came across the Beagle.


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