New Adventures: Bud escapes.

9 Apr

Bud comes up with a plan

Bud hears the cries of the little lamb who have just been born.  The new smells are so interesting to him.  “How can I get out of this garden?” Bud thinks to himself.  “I can’t dig through the vegetable patch there are too many vegetables planted there.”  He tries to sneak out behind the ash tree.  Bud buries his nose into the ground and digs as quickly as he can.  He stops.  He finds an old buried bone.  “So this is where I left my bone,” his tail wags happily.  But, this will not help Bud get onto the other side of the fence.

“Baa, Baa,” the ewes cry out.  Three baby lamb are chasing their new mother because they are hungry.  The ewes’ tales’ wag furiously back and forth as their new and exciting life brings such happiness.  “I wonder what that interesting sound is?” Bud says.  “I must find a way out of this garden to find out!”

Bud hears his family pulling into the driveway.  “Bark, Bark!” “Hi, family! I have missed you so much!” Bud the Beagle gives his best Beagle howl.  “Where have you been?  Did you get me anything? What’s in the bags?” Bud jumps up to greet his family and licks the youngest, Bella on the nose.  But, Bella sees her daddy’s old skateboard.  She toddles over to the skateboard and sit on it.  But, where has Bud gone?  “Where did Bud go? Oh, no!  He went into the field where the sheep are!”  Mum shouts.

Mum looks over and sees Bud rounding up the sheep.  But, Bud isn’t a sheep dog.  Bud is a Beagle.  Mum just shakes her head.  Bud is into mischief again.  “Come!” shouts Mum.  Mum stomps towards Bud quickly.  She is getting out of breath.

Bud chases up to Larry the Lamb.  “Baa, Baa.  What is your name?”  Larry pokes.  “Hi, friend.  I am Bud.  Want to play?  Want to chase me? Come on! Chase me! I like it when you chase me in circles.”  “I am not supposed to be playing,” explained Larry the Lamb.  “I will get into trouble if we do not follow my mother,” explained Larry the Lamb.  “I want to play as it looks like so much fun.  But, my mother will not be very happy.”  Bud is not bothered.  He sees his sister and runs over to her.  “What is your name?” Bud barks.  “Baa, baa.  I’m Lou Lou.”  she says sheepishly.

“Get out of here!” a voice calls from a distance.  It is the farmer.  Bud takes no notice because he is wanting to play with Larry the Lamb and his new sisters, Lou Lou and Lacy.  The farmer wears an old weathered, brown hat and a torn leather vest.  He waves his hands in the air like he is about to take off like an airplane.  But, Bud takes no notice.  He sees Edward the ewe.  “Hi friend,” says Bud.  “Baa, baa.  Hello,”  whispered Edward.  “You need to get out of here because the farmer has taken notice of you and my family are all running.  We are not supposed to be running.  We need to eat the grass in this spot or we will get into trouble.”  Edward said.  “We are not allowed to play.  We have to follow our mother or we will get into trouble.”

New adventures:  Bud escapes

“Leave!” Mum said in a low voice.  She finally got closer to Bud.  “Aw, Mum.  You’re spoiling all of my fun.”  sulked Bud.  Bud walked over to Mum.  “Sit.” Mum directed.  Bud sat down nicely as he was told.  Mum scooped him up and carried him home.  “Now, Bud.  I told you once before that you are not allowed to chase the sheep.  You musn’t chase the sheep.  Dogs are not allowed to chase the sheep.  It is very distressing for the babies’ mothers’ if they are nursing.  “What are we going to do with you, Bud?”  What a naughty Beagle.


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