How many books have you written in one year?

3 Jan

We have set our goal to print as at least two to three children’s books per year.  I think that once you’re in Waterstones and you’ve got the wizard fingers when putting together everything on your computer program of choice then voila. 

I think one of the most difficult things when putting a book together is the people you do not have control over i.e. the printers, the computer programmers (although our’s is ACE) and/or working with a partner.  The only thing you can control is yourself. 

We’ve made a schedule- we are going to meet often to discuss our targeted plans and how we are going to achieve those goals.  Now, that the book is out we have to get ourselves into the saleswomen positions (which Suzy has been great at thus far) and like I’ve said before in my earlier posts, sell, sell, sell. 

I think it is important to set yourself goals as little as one might be.  And, we have already set our goal of writing our next book, The Circus

We will be meeting with the manager of our local book store, Waterstones, to schedule our book launch.  We’ve gotten a lot of great feed back on our children’s adventure books.

We need to get Amazon reviews though!

Only 77 books damaged in the last delivery! Oh, yes- the courier must have broken the boxes.  So, I’ve counted 77 damaged little books.  So annoying, but I have send the pictures of the books back to the printers.  Hopefully, they will come back with what we’ve asked for.  It must have been the courier- let’s hope.  They did not even shrink wrap the books.  Our first edition is A4 so perhaps it is difficult to ship that size, but don’t take on the project if you can’t handle it I say!

Stay tuned with all of that stuff. 

In the mean time our January goal is to get our book in the local grocery stores, one department store as well as independent bookstores.  Because our book is titled The Beach we are also going to target the beach front bookstores. 

Fantastic goals!

So, when organising your goals, think to yourself- how many books can I achieve in one year?  And, write it!


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